Vita Pehar Design

Lighting Design & Consultation

About Vita Pehar

Vita Pehar Design is a full service lighting design firm which offers artistically composed lighting design in collaboration with Interior Designers, Architects, Landscape Architects and Contractors.

Although a native Californian, Vita Pehar draws on her European heritage, education and travel experience to bring a classic, understated elegance to high-end residential and commercial lighting design.

She traveled extensively throughout Europe, based in Florence studying art history, architecture and design. After graduating from San Francisco State University with a bachelor of arts degree in interior design, she worked as a senior designer with a prominent Northern California lighting design firm. There, she developed her expertise in both traditional and contemporary lighting design for large, complex, high-end residential and commercial projects, working directly with award-winning architects and interior designers.

Vita's philosophy is that lighting is an essential part of the design process: Designed light works to create mood and ambiance while enhancing architectural and interior details. Her sophisticated sense of style, creativity, and professionalism create exceptional and distinctive results for her clients.